If your child has difficulty with feeding, dressing or toileting they may benefit from an occupational therapist to help them become more independent with their self-care.


Assessment of Self-Care Skills

A combination of assessment techniques, including formal assessment, parent interview and client observation are used to evaluate self-care.

Areas of assessment may include:

upper and lower body dressing

ability to do fasteners (buttons, snaps, zippers, belts, tying shoe laces)


grooming (oral care, hair care, washing hands/face)

 toileting (continence, positioning, clothing management, wiping)

✓ eating/feeding (utensils, chewing and swallowing)


Treatment of Self-Care Skills

Once your child has been assessed, an individualized therapy plan will be developed in collaboration with your therapist to target your child’s specific area(s) of difficulty.  Treatment may include activity modifications, suggestions for adaptive, assistive or positioning equipment and hands on training to further develop skills.