Gross motor skills relate to larger movements of the arms, legs, feet or entire body.  If your child appears “clumsy” or uncoordinated, they may have difficulty with gross motor skills.  Our therapists can help improve their ability to participate in self-care, play and school activities.


Assessment and Treatment of Gross Motor Skills

Our therapists primarily use informal assessment methods such as client observation and activity analysis to evaluate gross motor skill development.  If a more in-depth evaluation is warranted, referral to a Physiotherapist may be recommended.  Our therapists can assist children with activities such as walking, running, jumping, riding a bike/trike or ball skills.

When children are unable to walk or have limited endurance, we can assess and prescribe mobility aids such as wheelchairs and power scooters to enable mobility. We can also complete applications to the Assistive Devices Program and charitable organizations to assist with funding for these mobility devices.  We can also assist you with home or school modifications and renovations to make sure environments are accessible.